About Human Synergistics International

Our mission, Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®, is a challenging one. We are working toward it every year by introducing more and more organizations—in increasingly diverse industries and geographical locations—to our surveys and team-building simulations. Our world-renowned products include the Leadership/Impact® 360, Desert Survival Situation simulation, and Organizational Culture Inventory®, the most widely used culture survey in the world. We strive to help organizations initiate changes so meaningful and powerful that they “spill over” and extend beyond their boundaries—effectively promoting the development and effectiveness of communities, countries, and ultimately the world.

A Broad Client Base

When you choose Human Synergistics International, you’re in good company. A focus on quality, research, and ethics—underscored by a mission to constructively change the world through individual and organizational development—has resulted in HSI materials being used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies, Fast 50 companies, and Ivy League universities.

Out of the Desert

The Desert Survival Situation is perhaps HSI’s best-known product, introduced in 1970. In fact, Desert has been cited as the most widely used training and development tool in the world. Our capabilities, however, extend far beyond the desert and group process simulations. HSI offers assessments to help organizations reach their full potential by strengthening their individual contributors, leaders, work teams, and cultures.

HSI’s most widely used assessments include: 

Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) One of the first 360-feedback assessments, the LSI continues to be highly regarded and used throughout the world by managers, professionals, and individual contributors to promote self-awareness and develop Constructive thinking and behavioral styles. The LSI has received praise on LinkedIn, been cited in numerous articles published in books and journals in business, psychology and talent management, and mentioned in newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal.

Leadership/Impact® (L/I) L/I is a 360-feedback assessment designed specifically for those in leadership roles — primarily senior managers, high-potential middle managers, and CEOs. L/I leverages the cutting edge of leadership effectiveness research by providing executives with feedback on how to transform, shape, and influence the environment within which people operate and the ways in which they approach their work and interact with each other.

ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™ (LWS) Building on the Life Styles Inventory, LWS helps self-motivated leaders strengthen thinking and behavioral styles that promote their effectiveness and moderate styles that prevent them from realizing their potential. This assessment provides leaders with highly personalized feedback on how their ways of acting and reacting to people and situations shape their effectiveness.

Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) Designed for serious team-building programs, the group styles measured by the GSI are directly related to team effectiveness, solution acceptance, solution quality, and synergy. Used in conjunction with a team-building simulation, the GSI provides significant practical insights into how a group functions, allowing the group to focus its efforts precisely on where improvement is needed. 

Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) The OCI is the most widely used and thoroughly researched tool for measuring organizational culture in the world. Numerous research studies utilizing the OCI demonstrate the importance of measuring and managing culture. At the organizational level, the research shows a relationship between the Constructive culture styles measured by the OCI and outcomes including employee engagement, safety and reliability, successful merger integration, creativity, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. Similarly, at the societal level, research underscores the importance of the Constructive styles and demonstrates a negative relationship between the Defensive culture styles and World Competitiveness.

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